SSZ Woodstone Success Stories

"Best success I ever had weightlifting!

Bill Hester, age 72, Retired

"By this October, I have going to SuperSlow Zone for about 5 years...

Joyce Hester, age 72, Homemaker, wife, Grandmother, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Artist of sorts, Volunteer of time, Hair Designer, Home “Chef”!

"At a routine annual doctor visit, my bone density test indicated I have Osteoporosis...

Betty Johnson, age 64, Grandmother

"When my father, at about age 85, and I traveled to New York city to see a Broadway show...

Ron Z. – Age 60, Professional Businessman

National Success Stories

"I’ve been at SuperSlow Zone® for 2 years now . Since I started, I’ve noticed that I have improved posture, more energy and endurance in my day-to-day activities .

Janine K. – Age 44, Teacher

"I have always wanted to try a personal trainer but was either too lazy or too embarrassed to figure out how to get one at the local “Y” or the local gym.

Sandra G. – Age 55+ , Career Transition Consultant

"Shockingly enough, I’ve been coming to SuperSlow Zone® for a little over five years. Five years! I, who dislike exercise and who have avoided it like the plague,

Roia R. – Age 46, Music Therapist

"I have been practicing SuperSlow Zone® for over 15 years . There have been a few times that my workout schedule has been

George S. – Age 51, Designer