Working With Your Clients

Extraordinarily rewarding! When you have just opened, and as you build to full client capacity, you will be amazed and delighted with the incredible, positive impact you make with your clients in as little as 20 minutes, 1 to 2 times per week.

Client Cost ‘Savings’

Below is a brief list of only the ‘cost savings’ clients have achieved. Instead of paying to manage a health condition, injury, etc. with drugs, surgery, etc., clients invested in their ‘SSZ exercise as medicine and health’.

Cost Savings Quotes from SSZ Clients

  • “I no longer need lumbar surgery.”
  • “I do not need painkillers anymore.”
  • “I’m off my blood pressure medicine.”
  • “When I started SuperSlow Zone® I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Since my workouts over 6 months, I have brought my blood sugar levels down to a normal range and no longer need medication.”
  • “I have been able to reduce my insulin medication.”
  • “Reduced pain from strengthening my legs and also allowed my knee replacement surgery to be postponed for 3 months”
  • “SSZ saved my life when I had an upper GI bleed out and had to drag myself to the phone to call for help. Without my workouts, I would not have been strong enough to get myself out of bed and get help.”
  • “I would have had shoulder surgery but I saved money and I don’t need surgery anymore.”
  • “I have had less injuries in athletic endeavors or indoor and outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, etc.”

Everyone knows the value of feeling and looking good, increased energy, improved focus, a high quality of life, slowing the aging process, and living a longer, healthier life is priceless.

Running Your Business

You, and your staff, fulfill all roles of operating an entrepreneurial business. As with small businesses, time management, increasing your knowledge and skills, and effective action is key. Everyone receives help and support for this. Equally important is collaboration with other owners and SSZ Corporate. The opportunity for this is both structured and available ad hoc. It is up to each franchise owner to ensure they effectively engage with the franchise system so that they receive value for their time and effort.

More Time At Start Up

It is common sense that it takes more time and effort during start up. Critical to this effort is hiring the right staff which stands true for all businesses. SSZ has seasoned owners who, from their effort of cultivating competent, quality, responsible staff, have a balanced lifestyle both from a day-to-day and time-off (vacations, etc.) perspective.

Hours of Operation

The typical hours of operation are 7:00 am to 7:30 pm five days a week and ½ day on Saturdays-This may vary in some markets. Each owner sets their hours of operations, which is driven by client appointments. Therefore, some SSZ studios open earlier, close later and may have client appointments on Sundays. Again, the SSZ owner determines their hours of operation and there may also be a requirement stated in your lease.