Ideal Candidates

Seasoned corporate professionals, who now want to be their own boss, and successful, serial entrepreneurs best describe SSZ Owners.

SSZ offers active and passive ownership in our business. It’s your choice, keep your current job and focus on overseeing the business with a General Manager, or start a new and rewarding career, actively working in the business. Isn’t this your dream retirement strategy?

Our owners are single men and women, or couples, who are smart, talented, professional, highly motivated and committed to being successful, profitable business builders of fitness as health and wellness and having fun along the way.


Our owners fit now, or achieve, the following for our executive-level professional service business:

1. Is an Exercise Champion – and now wants SuperSlow Zone® as their exercise and is health conscious


2. Is out of shape, but willing to be come conditioned through SuperSlow Zone® and is health conscious

3. Operates an executive, scalable business: single, multi-unit or developer model – national and international

4. Wants a simple business to operate with a limited number of employees (4-5)

5. Focuses on Customers First! – delivers “the best” service such that the natural consequence is growth by referral [in addition to all forms of effective marketing]

6. Makes a significant, positive contribution to their client’s lives; their health, well-being equals “wealth and quality of life”

7. Has the required financial wherewithal

8. Will devote sufficient and energy in startup

9. Values ‘systems’ and ‘follows a plan’

10. Is accountable for own results, with our support and coaching

No Entrepreneur Experience Required – SSZ is dedicated to quality of training and ongoing support. All of our franchisee training programs are developed and delivered utilizing IACET standards. IACET set standards for CEU credits for universities and multi-national large corporations. We work hard to ensure our franchisees enjoy this exciting business. Collaboration with other owners and SSZ Corporate is an essential ingredient to success. SSZ Corporate is always behind the scenes working hard to bring you more customers and a strong brand image.

Roles of the Franchisees

At SuperSlow Zone®, we want to make sure everyone knows their role. To help you better understand what we’re looking for in a franchisee, we’ve outlined the typical roles of the SuperSlow Zone® franchisee.

  • Fulfill Training & Support– Fully engage in our training and support so that you know SSZ Corporate is walking hand-in-hand with you pre and post opening. We use primarily a ‘coaching’ approach to most training coupled with face-to-face training. This structure maximizes ‘perfect-timing’ training so that you put what you learned immediately into action. Learn-by-doing through action-based training.
  • Develop Your Business:- In addition to marketing your fitness business locally, you’ll hire, train and motivate your SSZ team to deliver our unique high quality professional personal strength training and wellness services. Always delivering Maximum Results in Minimum Time Guaranteed.
  • Engage! – In company-wide, and small group, owner collaboration with SSZ Corporate to ensure you are getting a broad perspective of what is possible, maximum support and critical ideas you can implement for your continued success.
  • Continuing Education & Training – Through the SuperSlow Zone® Institute, you and your stay in continual development through annual Continuing Education Units [CEUs]. As with all professional services (attorney, physician, CPA, etc.), you must continually develop your knowledge and expertise to remain valuable to your clients and effective in your business.

The fitness for health and wellness market is vastly under served. SuperSlow Zone® is a one-of-a-kind concept that puts you in a perfect position to serve this enormous demand. As an owner, you will enjoy flexible hours and can earn recurring revenues from repeat clients in a high quality professional service environment.