The owners of this franchise are:- seasoned professionals, all skillful, and talented. Many have stellar corporate backgrounds and some are accomplished entrepreneurs. They have made the decision of investing their time, money, and effort into a working environment in which they can be their own bosses. Our owners chose SuperSlow Zone® because it represented their personality and their hobbies. They are very passionate about being healthy and not only that; they are very passionate about being strong. The owners of this franchise want to spend their life doing something they enjoy and find meaning. Collaboration among the owners and corporate is highly important, so we make better partners for our clients. What is meaningful to our owners is to help their clients help themselves and through this, make money.

Not only will you gain experience with SuperSlow Zone®, but you will also gain amazing relationships with your clients and fellow owners along the way. We try to make everyone feel welcomed, and at the same time, heard! What is the point in being an entrepreneur if your voice isn’t going to be heard?

There is a reason why our owners chose SuperSlow Zone® as their business…because it works and it’s not like any other gym! They know what it’s like to be a busy professional and not have enough time in the day to do something they love,… work out! Wouldn’t it be great to say that you were a significant factor of the reason why a company became who they are today because of your creativity, knowledge, and help? You, just like the rest of the owners, fit the criteria of what it takes to own a SuperSlow Zone®.

Meet some of our franchise owners, singles or couples, who are seasoned corporate professional or successful entrepreneurs. They want to be their own boss and succeed through their personal accountability, support of -SSZ Corporate and collaboration with other owners.


Don and Joanie Svedeman, Owners
SuperSlow Zone® Pleasanton, CA
Area Developers

Don Svedeman, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • Assisted in Timbre Technologies Inc., an early start-up stage semiconductor company in the overall expansion of the company
  • Managed the relocation and build-out of a new 57,000 square foot facility within a $6M budget and on schedule over the course of 8 months Developed and implemented organizational procedures to support the company’s rapid growth
  • Created monthly sales and revenue forecast methodology, improving visibility and accuracy of sales trends
  • Provided all the financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis to the president

Joanie Svedeman, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • HR Director for Virage Logic, a semiconductor startup
  • Built, managed and developed full-service HR department for $50M technology leader
  • Licensed residential Real Estate professional in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Robert Ladd, Owner
SuperSlow Zone® Gallatin, TN

Dr. Robert Ladd, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • President of Westmoreland Health Care Corporation since October 2013
  • Was a part of a successful family medical practice for over 20 years
  • Achieved his BS in Chemistry and MA in Education at the Walla Walla University
  • Achieved his Doctorate in Public Health at the Loma Linda University

I believe in the value of a healthy lifestyle including
the right exercise routine (SSZ) and proper diet coupled with an appreciation to be
the best that we can be at every age”

Julie Beard, Owner
SuperSlow Zone® Pacific Springs, Omaha, NE

Julie Beard, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • Founder and leader of a Marketing Fulfillment company for over 12 years
  • VP Client Development for World Marketing – Managed the sales and client services departments in both the Omaha, NE and Tempe, AZ business units as well as grew the relationships of multiple strategic clients nationally
  • Strengthen relationships and grew the book of business to an overall territory value of over $5,000,000
  • National Direct Marketing Sales Executive for Prisma Graphic
  • Vice President of National Sales
  • National Director of Sales and Client Development of CSG International

Ken and Sheryl Roche, Owners
SuperSlow Zone® Sugarland, TX
Area Developers

Sheryl Roche, Co-owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • Texas A&M University, 1985 Graduate
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
  • Received a scholarship in Basketball and Track

Ken Roche, Co-owner

  • For 35 years, Ken Roche was the General Manager of Supply & Distribution Processes at Royal Dutch Shell from 1980-2015
  • Ken worked internationally for Shell during his career including successfully leading billion dollar projects on multiple continents
  • Received his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University
  • Received his MEng in Energy Management at Texas A&M University
  • Received his MBA in Information Technology at Athabasca University

Luis and Rachel Quiles, Owners
SuperSlow Zone® Milton, GA

Luis Quiles, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • Channel Development Director and Sales Manager
  • Responsible for driving new customer acquisitions by leveraging existing channels
  • Establishing new channels to reach target market segment
  • Responsible for identifying and securing strategic relationships with channel partners
  • Accomplished private pilot and aircraft owner

Rachel Quiles, Owner, Level I Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Senior Manager, Outreach Facilitation
  • Develop long-term strategy and implement communications programs for the SRA function globally
  • Translate science into lay language, develop and drive global scientific and regulatory communications internally and externally ensuring efficient and effective communications and dissemination
  • Board of Directors of Georgia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Ryan Womack, Owner
SuperSlow Zone® College Station, TX

Ryan Womack, Owner, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Master,
SuperSlow Zone® Institute Teacher & SSZ International Development

  • Owner /Founder of SuperSlow Zone®, College Station-Bryan since 2001
  • Has a long-standing history of helping kids build their capabilities as a physical education teacher in the Bryan Independent School District
  • Coached football and track
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University
  • Ryan is consistently rated as a 4.7 to 5 as a SuperSlow Zone® Teacher [5 total points possible]

Pamela Kirscher, Owner
SuperSlow Zone® Downtown Sarasota, FL

  • Masters degree in psychology
  • She has been active in the Sarasota, Florida community for the past 24 years serving on numerous boards and committees such as the Economic Development Board, & Siesta Key
  • Chamber Board as Chairman
  • Working out in fitness facilities since the early 1970’s but has found the SuperSlow Zone® protocol to be the best she’s ever tried
  • It is more effective at achieving desired results safely in minimal time. Since Pamela has experienced numerous injuries from accidents over the years, a safe protocol is very important to her
  • Sensitive to clients’ needs who are dealing with previous injuries as well as other health conditions. It is tremendously satisfying to see the extraordinary results that our clients are achieving here. It’s more than a leaner, stronger, firmer body with improved day to day function- it’s quality of life