The best reviews of our franchise are those our clients post the world to read.

We have gathered some of the comments our clients have made regarding our business bellow:

Retrieved from: Yelp

SSZ at Pleasanton


Kelsey H.
Orinda, CA

“April at SuperSlow Zone® is AWESOME! I’ve been working out with her for 6 months and she makes working out fairly enjoyable. I had no idea how strength training with their personal trainers can make such a difference in how you feel and look.

I’ve never been one for working out, particularly weight lifting, but going to SSZ is quick and a commitment I know I can keep. The best part is that I am really seeing results! I have never been this confident in my body. While I haven’t lost a lot of weight – just 10 lbs. (because I like to eat too much), the shape of my body has really improved (thing tighter stomach, arms, and butt). And my metabolism has definitely increased which I love.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer that will truly help you see results without burning you out, SuperSlow Zone® is the place for you!”


Sushma Y.
San Ramon, CA

“I am one of those who dreaded going to the Gym after an injury I had 12 years ago – until I joined SuperSlow Zone®. April is a great Personal Trainer; she keeps me motivated and pushes me to try a little harder each time. I feel much stronger and toned than before and Strength Training is definitely the way to go!

Don, Joanie and April all of them greet me with a pleasant smile every time I am there! The facility is well maintained, clean and provides the right atmosphere to get a good workout. And best of all it is quick – in and out in 20 min!”


Kirke C.
Oakland, CA

“I’ve been going to this place practically since it opened and I can recommend it enthusiastically and without reservation. Here’s the deal – their approach (which I can vouch for having been a SuperSlow Zone® customer when I lived in Denver and went to the one there) is that all you need is 1-2 workouts a week of about 20 minutes a piece, BUT that during those 20 minutes, you need to do the strength work in a particular manner (very slowly compared to the usual approach). If you embrace their approach and challenge yourself, you’ll love it AND you’ll see results. I started to see differences in the mirror in 3 weeks and it just got better from there. You’re always matched with a personal trainer, so you’ve always got someone to make sure your form is right (and safe) and they’re also important because they’ll push you beyond what you could have done on your own. I’ve tried strength training at other places and I’ve never had the kind of results I had here. It’s also nice because it’s not a place full of body building geeks – just normal folks trying to get in shape. Give ‘em a try for a month or two and as long as you’re willing to push yourself, you’ll be amazed at the results.”

SSZ at Silver Creek


Gaurav S.
Fremont, CA

“I returned to the gym after a long time and wanted to get back in shape, gain muscle tone and strength.

I am extremely impressed with Marie and her one – on – one focus. She examines your status and goals and then comes up with a schedule. Her program was comprehensive and tailor made for me.

The concept of super slow zone is based on “point of failure” and believe me that does work. The workouts are extremely intense and she pushes you to your personal limits and beyond while encouraging you in a positive way. At the same time, she makes sure that the exercise is executed in a perfect manner and will walk you through step- by – step. She has clients from age 24- 58 years old and I was surprised!!

Those 20-30 minutes are very, very intense (& painful) compared with what we do at regular fitness centers but tremendously benefit when you start seeing results.

I would highly recommend Marie/Super slow zone to everyone who is looking for a great workout, results and well-being. She is a great, friendly trainer and you would be pleased to see the results. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, regardless of the age and fitness level this is the place for you!!”


Barbara K.
Morgan Hill, CA

“I recently became an amputee and need to be stronger than ever in my life. After four sessions I can actually see my body strength and balance have improved. I feel so great and know as I keep coming it will only get better in time.

I’m 65 and this has given me life again! Marie is a great trainer but an even greater friend and encourages me to keep going. I think this is exactly what I needed and I highly recommend SuperSlow Zone® for us older people it’s exercise done properly!”


E B.
San Jose, CA

“I have been going for almost 2 years and can’t say enough good things about Marie and SuperSlow Zone®. I’m 50, have 2 young kids, a 2 hour-a-day commute and an intense job. Fitting a workout in, particularly a weight training session (so important at this stage of life), was a challenge. Marie has made it easy. I look forward to our sessions and they are over before I know it!

I am very impressed with the results (and isn’t that really what it’s all about?). Kudos!!”

SSZ at Sterling


Polina G.
Ashburn, VA

“If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to workout this is it.They are punctual and professional and for personal training there rates are very reasonable.”

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SSZ at Huntsville


Christi McDowell
Huntsville, AL

“I love it! Total body workout in 20 minutes! Trainers make sure exercises are done properly. My bad shoulder hasn’t hurt at all. Super sweet family (owners).”

SSZ at Longview


Pam Pickett
Longview, TX

“Recently took the Metabolic testing. Donna is very knowledgeable and is giving me information on how to eat healthy. Hopefully I will lose the few pounds I gained during my winter hibernation!!

Anthony is also a very good trainer. I like working out with both of them. They both push me to do my very best!

Thanks Donna and Anthony!!!!”