From Madeline – Short Bit About Why I Founded SuperSlow Zone® Franchise

As a consistent, life-long exerciser, I tried every type of exercise. I love to move! Exercise has been at the center of my life for my health, energy, sanity and joy. My focus became building muscle as THE foundation of my exercise; muscles as the best medicine and key to all of the recreation I enjoy.

While working internationally on consulting assignments for the Institute of Directors, London, England, I grew a deep desire to do something good for others based on what I really liked. I set about to develop and test all of the systems that now comprise SuperSlow Zone®, in the ‘personal training market’.

While my systems were very successful with independent personal training studios, creating a good return on investment, my experience of working in this market sucked! No consistency, professionalism…and no well-grounded tracking and auditing of client results. Plus, I didn’t like walking into these places. I did not want to be there!

I founded the SuperSlow Zone® franchise in 2004 with lots of help! I entwined elements of my professional career with a place and experience ‘I’ would expect and enjoy to go for my exercise and wellness.

Personally, my desire to do good for others through health and being fit initially grew from my family challenges: by age 23, my parents had died from trauma and long-term illness, and then I helped their parents to the end of their lives. By the age of 29, all of my parents and grandparents had died. What WAS seeded in me was a big drive to help others through health and being fit.

Each of us have challenges we work through, turning lemons into lemonade. Every time we help SSZ clients, at some level I am helping my family in a way that I previously could not.

As you learn about SuperSlow Zone®, I hope you will find what it is within you that resonates with our brand, in addition to all the of business analysis that is part of your journey in learning about SuperSlow Zone®.


Madeline Ross
Founder and CEO

What You Might Join

Core to our brand are the relationships and collaboration of these three key areas of our business:


Our Clients – The New Strong

We have extraordinary clients. They are a joy to work with. Why? They are pro-active in their health and well-being, they value being strong through muscle, for a lifetime (if we earn this). Initially, our clients ‘hope’ we are what they are looking for. They have ‘small goals’, which are important to them. They don’t whine. If we are a good fit, SSZ becomes their healthy lifestyle habit.

Client Profile

  • 50% of clients are general exercisers
  • 50% are medical, having minor to major medical/health conditions
  • 50% busy professionals, 25% busy moms and 25% semi or fully retired
  • The percentages may vary by market

The New Strong, SSZ Clients


While the stereotypical media image of ‘being strong from strength training’ can look like a ‘young, ripped male or female bodybuilder’, our clients, SSZ’s The New Strong, are all ages, including what are called ‘old people’.

The New Strong have not exercised in a long time, or ever, and they want to get started, or they have tried many types of exercises, gyms, etc. with little to no results., They may have minor to major health challenges, and safety in exercise is essential (as it is with everyone). As they achieve results. Our exercise enthusiasts require better results in less time. All of our clients, being very busy, want a professional service and must know their results, over time, to ensure the value how they are investing their time and money.

Regardless of their past exercise history, or medical/functional challenge now, if applicable, they get stronger! They are SSZ’s The New Strong. This leads them to a series of aspirations in their life because they know it is doable. If you read about, or watch, our Gallery/Videos you will see the faces of SSZ’s, The New Strong.

Having talked with many, many SSZ clients, they always mention how they initially had ‘small goals’ when starting with SSZ, which were very important to them. When a SSZ studio earns clients for the long-term, they experience a ‘path of goals/results’. Building and sustaining their strength is now a habit. Regardless of their age, or how ‘in or out’ of shape they were when they started, you will see our clients, and their accomplishments, of SSZ’s The New Strong.

Every client’s exercise program is specifically personalized to their needs and results to be achieved. You can imagine the knowledge and expertise, through required continual annual education, the front-line staff must develop to serve our clients for the long term.

Our clients feel welcomed and heard, knowing their results over time.

Our Owners

Seasoned corporate professionals, who now want to be their own boss, and successful, serial entrepreneurs’ best describe SSZ Owners. Our smart, talented, professional owners are highly motivated and committed to being successful, profitable business builders…and having fun along the way.

Because of our owner’s business acumen (our ‘talent trust’), effective collaboration is an essential ingredient to each owner’s growth and success, and to the company as a whole. Learning from and with each other is the basis for ‘together we are better.’


While SSZ Corporate is the driver to advance trends and innovation, all key growth initiatives are initially developed through our owners, relying on their diverse talent. What better way to ensure our owner’s voices are heard than through their collective knowledge and wisdom as we innovate together? Also, when things get tough, as they will in all business, together we address challenges to bust through what appears to be roadblocks and limitations. The ‘change bus’ persistently drives at all of us. Collaborative, continual improvement is the significant factor for collective success.

Our motivated people invest their time, money, and effort into a working environment whose clients are also representative of these qualities. They understand that it is within their control to inspire their clients to choose to stay; here in lies the key to success.

Finally, each owner believes in SSZ through their own experience and results from our services. They know first-hand it works. Being strong just plain feels good. They also personally know what it is like to be a busy professional with not enough time to work out. They want to create an environment that appeals to them and for those looking for this.

As you learn about SuperSlow Zone®, you will hear about the amazing impact our owners and their staff have on their clients. They will tell you about the supportive and invigorating relationships they have with fellow owners and SSZ Corporate.

SuperSlow Zone® Corporate

We listen to, and learn from, our clients. Essential for growth and success.

We listen to, and learn from, our owners. Our owners are involved at every level of SSZ Corporate, in addition to running their local SSZs and opening more locations.

One important example is owners who achieve specific standards and criteria and become the members of the Field Development Team for new franchisees. They fulfill, some or all, of the following roles:

1. Are Owner | Operators of their SSZ(s)

2. Train their clients (along with their staff)

3. Achieve Level III – Qualified Certifier: they certify new Level I Instructors

4. Provide pre and post-opening support for new franchise owners

5. Work with, and travel to, our international countries to support our International Regional Developers

6. Are teachers for SuperSlow Zone® Institute, the education and training arm of our brand

Imagine you are a new SSZ owner. Who better to help you than SSZ Corporate and OWNERS who wrote the check for their franchise just like you, and have the training, knowledge and expertise from ‘time in the saddle’, from the roles listed above, to help you.

Pre-opening: you are experiencing the controlled, well-planned, systematized swirl of ‘getting open.’ (By-the-way, ‘planning and systems’ are our middle name.)


Now, you are OPEN! Ta Da!

Pre & Post Opening: A firmly-focused SSZ Corporate team provides persistent, competent, hands-on pre and post opening support and training. Critical to this are our long-term, successful SSZ owners who fulfill the roles stated above. SSZ Corporate and the Field Development Team, together, our ‘talent-trust’, walk hand-in-hand with you…and are the rapid response team when you need them! (You will verify this claim if we proceed together.)

Finally, unit | studio economics per owner is our collective focus to maximize each owner’s profitability. SSZ Corporate only wins when each franchisee wins in first. Bottom Line!

And, SSZ Corporate and franchisee’s relationship is based on ‘mutual satisfaction’. Therefore, SSZ Corporate’s leadership and support and our franchisee’s engagement, through the Franchisee Engagement Score, are essential. We all know that mutual accountability, which is verified, helps all of us to do better and is the basis of mutual satisfaction.

Reading The World For Local and Global Trends – Our Growth

Through many resources for reading the world for trends, SSZ Corporate spearheads important initiatives for continuously improving our ability to compete, and win, over our competitors, address local, national and global trends and challenges so we work to be ahead of the curve and compel effective use of data and technology in our business.

Our focus is to become the trusted authority and trusted advisor to each client…and this trust has to be earned over the long term. All initiatives from SSZ Corporate have to be relevant to client acquisition and retention. SSZ owners work collaboratively with SSZ owners and improve the economic performance and profitability of our SSZ studios. SSZ studio success is the basis for our continued growth throughout the USA, Turkey, Colombia and the new international countries we add to our global family.

Back To You – The Reader

If we progress together in our franchise sales ‘mutual evaluation,’ the story you have read here, and the claims made herein, will be checked out with our SSZ owners. If you think SSZ might be what you are looking for, let’s begin our journey.