No time to exercise?
Burdened by the demands and momentum of work and life?
Are you unhappy about your current exercise program?

Work out AT WORK in the Time You Have! With SuperSlow Zone® FitWell

The biggest challenge faced by Corporate Wellness Programs, which have an exercise component, is that employees rarely use it. And why is this? It can be one or more of the following common reasons:

  • Takes too long to work out
  • Does not track compliance
  • Does not effectively track excise performance
  • Involves a great deal of effort: switching to workout clothes, showering, and changing back into work clothes
  • Is safe for all employees
  • Is not safe or effective for employees who have minor-to-major medical challenges
  • Does not produce nor provide evidence-based results

The bottom line, for both the company and each employee, is exercise at work which is safe, efficient and effective. Effective means provide evidence-based results. Without this, it is difficult, or even impossible, to effectively evaluate the ROI of the exercise program you are investing your time and money in.

The ideal solution for Corporate Wellness Exercise enables employees to exercise effectively at work based on BOTH *compliance and results*—true ROI for the employee and employer.

SuperSlow Zone® FitWell is The Solution For You

Employees perform a total body workout for 20 minutes, 1 to 2 times a week, in the clothes they have on, changing into workout attire is optional. Each workout is by appointment. Employees are expert-supervised continuously by an Accredited, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor. SuperSlow Zone’s® FitWell weight loss and healthy eating program can be combined with the employee’s exercise for achieving weight loss and health goals.

Turn-Key & Scalable

SuperSlow Zone® FitWell provides a cost-effective, turn-key solution through our on-site ideal, clinically-controlled exercise environment using our accredited SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training system. Our scalable model starts at 500 sq. ft. but can be designed to service an unlimited number of employee workouts. Alternatively, if there is a SuperSlow Zone® close to your business, we can create a special program for your employees.

Measurable, Sustainable Results

We provide IACET accredited, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructors who will coach each employee continuously in their personalized strength-training workout to ensure:

  • Safety
  • Effective and efficient exercise efforts
  • Commitment to sustainable results

We provide a thorough pre-consultation for each employee to establish their baseline foundation for tracking measurable results, which is reviewed in quarterly check-in evaluations to ensure progress.

We are all About Getting Results!

SuperSlow Zone® innovated a proprietary iPad application, which uses our unique nomenclature to chart and track each employee’s workout electronically. This enables any SSZ Instructor team member to precisely coach each employee’s exercise performance. Therefore, each Instructor, who trains any employee, does so based on the accuracy of the employees’ electronic chart.

The need or dependency for a specific Instructor to train a client, because of the instructor’s personal knowledge on that client, is eliminated.

From our application, SuperSlow Zone® provides each employee with:

Accurate and timely evidence-based reports on their exercise’s performance.


A minimum of three ‘Check-In Evaluations’ appointments with their Instructor per year to review and assess evidence-based progress.

Lastly, if the company uses employees’ biometrics as one basis for determining results and ROI, the employee will be able to correlate their evidence-based results to improvements in their overall health, such as:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and overall health
  • Greater muscle strength
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved bone density
  • Greater endurance, stamina and energy
  • Improved muscle tone and body shape
  • Optimum fat loss while maintaining muscle
  • Improved glucose metabolism
  • Reduced resting blood pressure
  • Reduced low back pain
  • Reduced arthritic pain

This can result in important reduction in health/medical expenses such as: e.g. “I do not have to take high blood pressure medication”, “I do not have to take diabetes medication”, “I no longer have to have surgery,” etc.


SuperSlow Zone® FitWell is a critical component of a company’s human capital management and health care cost containment and reduction. Each employee can be proactive in their health and well-being by engaging in exercise and healthy eating, for these are THE best medicine.