SuperSlow Zone® is a proven franchise business brand in Turkey and Colombia. Successful SuperSlow Zone® Regional Developers operate in both countries. As of 2015, Turkey has 10 franchises, and opening a total of 15 studios, and Columbia recently completed year one of operations for their first location in Bogota. Colombia will open three additional locations this year.

SuperSlow Zone® works with Regional Developers when deploying our brand in a new country, or an area of a country, by determining a mutually agreed upon territory. We have a step-by-step process to learn if the Regional Developer Candidate and SuperSlow Zone® are a good fit.

SSZ Corporate requires a strong, positive Regional Developer relationship for our success. Our mutual success is dependent on three fundamental aspects:

  1. SSZ Corporate
  2. Regional Developers and their franchise Owners
  3. Clients of SSZ studios

All of these must work to perfection, through collaboration, so SSZ is a premier, results-producing service for our clients.

Our process will help us determine if SuperSlow Zone® is the right fit for you:

international franchise
  • Step 1:Opportunity Analysis – Review our franchise website and request our virtual brochure..
  • Step 2:Initial Call /SKYPE/Meeting – SSZ CEO, Madeline Ross, will contact you to discuss your goals and answer any questions you might have about our franchise opportunity. We will ask you to complete our confidential Request For Consideration form (RFC); an instrument designed to help us learn more about you.
  • Step 3: Request for Consideration- After receiving your completed Request for Consideration form, we will arrange a second call to review your RFC and answer any further questions you may have.
  • Step 4: Webinar with our CEO – We will schedule a webinar for you to meet our Founder and CEO where you will learn more about SSZ’s corporate history and culture, the fitness industry, training, support programs and growth.
  • Step 5: Validation Call & Studio Visit – We will ask you to contact our current Regional Developers and some USA franchisees directly to speak with them about SSZ’s franchise program, and their experiences within the SuperSlow Zone® franchise system. If possible, we will also schedule a meeting at one of our studio locations for you to experience SuperSlow Zone® as one of our clients. Depending on the location, this onsite visit may include a face-to-face meeting with our Founder and CEO.
  • Step 6:Award the Franchise- As we conclude step 5, we should both know if SuperSlow Zone® is “the right opportunity for you” and that “you are right for SuperSlow Zone® “. With this mutual agreement you will receive our Franchise Agreement awarding you the licensing rights for our agreed upon territory. Welcome aboard!

Take the first step to inquire if SuperSlow Zone® is a good fit for you and your country or area.