National Success Stories

I have been practicing SuperSlow Zone® for over 15 years . There have been a few times that my workout schedule has been

George S. – Age 51, Designer

Shockingly enough, I’ve been coming to SuperSlow Zone® for a little over five years. Five years! I, who dislike exercise and who have avoided it like the plague,

Roia R. – Age 46, Music Therapist

I have always wanted to try a personal trainer but was either too lazy or too embarrassed to figure out how to get one at the local “Y” or the local gym.

Sandra G. – Age 55+ , Career Transition Consultant

I’ve been at SuperSlow Zone® for 2 years now . Since I started, I’ve noticed that I have improved posture, more energy and endurance in my day-to-day activities .

Janine K. – Age 44, Teacher

SSZ Gallatin Success Stories

I have had declining bone density for my previous 4 yearly scans before starting SuperSlow workouts. My next one showed improvement in both...

Cheryl Ann, Entrepreneur

My doctor encouraged me to do strength training. When I tried to do strength training by myself I would give up as soon as it got difficult....

- Karin Riccardi, Artist, 60’s

I walk faster and further, climb stairs with ease, and jump up from the floor after playing with my grandson. I breathe easier, feel better...

Dale N., vacation rentals, age 60+

It’s been about 20 years since exercising on a supervised gym program. Until starting at SuperSlow 6 weeks ago in August 2008...

Walter Baldwin, retired, 70’s