Wade Cappetta

Wade Cappetta is a SuperSlow Zone Certified instructor in his favorite city in the world, Tampa Florida. He has a diverse background that has allowed him to earn experience in several fitness modalities. Much of his experience is rooted in his time in service as a United States Marine Corps infantry man. Before he was afforded the opportunity to implement Superslow Zone protocol for himself, he experimented with an array of other protocols, always searching for the best results in the quickest time. As with most Marines, his passion for fitness has been developed as a necessity of military life. Don't worry though,not all Marines are drill instructors. Some are just family men. Throughout his past, Wade has had much success in working with others and as a team. This is for the same reason that he loves being a SuperSlow Zone Certified Instructor, he finds his motivation within others.

Wade Cappetta / Co-Owner Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor