In Their Insane Schedule, soon to be Doctor and Nurse Achieved Maximum Fitness Results in Minimum Time


Life is filled with routine, and then more routine. Rick Young and his wife Ashley are students of routine. He works as a nurse anesthetist, clocking in 60 or more hours a week, and she has worked as a registered nurse for more than 10 years, no stranger to a 12-hour work day herself. Clearly, Rick and Ashley know their way around a tightly fit, time-filled day understanding both the importance of those precious free moments and how to take advantage of them. Still, sometimes even the most routine-savvy people need help optimizing their time, especially when it concerns something as important as personal health.


Rick and Ashley both are familiar with the gym scene and staying healthy. For Rick, exercising always took an hour or more, which was too long, and Ashely trained for swimsuit competitions in her past, giving her a firm grasp of the time needed for intense fitness training. It always circled back to the same thing: time, and finding more of it somewhere within their busy routines.


SSZ became their time-wise cornerstone for health and being fit.


Rick wreaked his shoulder in an automobile accident several years ago suffering a significant amount of pain and trouble since. So, finding some way to exercise in a reasonable amount of time, and getting expert help with his workout, was incredibly important to him. Ashley didn’t have the concern of an injury, but needed to be time-wise in her exercise. Then one of those shining, “ah-ha” moments pierced through the fog revealing the answer. SuperSlow Zone.


SuperSlow Zone offered a 20-minute routine, a familiar word to Rick, of intense strength-training and muscular exercise. This routine was simple, effective, time-practical, and, unbelievably, on his way home from work barely 5 minutes from his house. Ashley loved the professional, personal attention and was used to, and liked, the controlled effort the workout required. The answer was clear.


It’s now been 3 years of twice-a-week workouts. “I love how short it is and that you can feel the benefits from such a short period of time,” says Rick. “It’s the most committed and consistent fitness experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.” Rick also says he has increased energy, stamina, and flexibility, particularly in his shoulder. “I definitely struggled at first, especially with my shoulder, but Brandi and Wade know their stuff. I can’t believe how effective 20 minutes can be!” Surrounded at work by not just a busy schedule but others struggling with health issues, Rick loves the additional benefits of SSZ, now capable of being a positive influence on those around him.


“It’s nothing but professional and personal with Brandi and Wade. At other gyms, you can almost feel that they are simply there to do their job,” says Ashley. Yes, longtime fitness savant, Ashley, decided to give SSZ a try too after witnessing her husband’s success firsthand. It’s only been 1 year of coming twice a week, and she’s noticed the difference in her 12-hour days from significant strength gain.


Routine reflects organization in the sense that those of us who value it come better prepared. The value of SSZ’s routine shined again, preparing Rick and Ashley for the biggest day of their lives. Rick popped the question, the happy couple soon to hear wedding bells. Then came the stereotypical pressure people feel pre-wedding—I want to fit into my tux, or I want to fit into my dress. “I had already been doing SSZ for a while,” said Rick, “so, there was no pressure, really. It felt like I just had to wake up to the normal routine, like always.” And to someone who values routine like Rick, that means everything. As for Ashley, just look at her in their wedding photo and it is obvious how beautiful and fit she is.