I’ve been going to this place practically since it opened and I can recommend it enthusiastically and without reservation.

Here’s the deal – their approach (which I can vouch for having been a SuperSlow Zone® customer at another location) is that all you need is 1-2 workouts a week of about 20 minutes a piece, BUT that during those 20 minutes, you need to do the strength work in a particular manner (very slowly compared to the usual approach). If you embrace their approach, with the help of your Instructor, and challenge yourself, you’ll love it AND you’ll see results. I started to see differences in the mirror in 3 weeks and it just got better from there.

You’re always matched with a Certified Instructor, so you’ve always got someone to make sure your form is right (and safe) and they’re also important because they’ll push you beyond what you could have done on your own. I’ve tried strength training at other places and I’ve never had the kind of results I had here. It’s also nice because it’s not a place full of body building geeks – just normal folks trying to get in shape. Give ’em a try for a month or two and as long as you’re willing to push yourself, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Kirke C. – Age 56, VP of Marketing & Sales Operations