Lou Abato, SuperSlow ® Master

CEO, Ultimate Training Centers

Stewardship of SuperSlow Zone® Lou Abato, a SuperSlow® Master, owns and operates one SuperSlow® facility in Manhattan, New York City for the past 18 years, offering personal strength training and exercise-based SuperSlow post-rehab. Lou has strength trained professionally for 25 years, including 8 years as a Rehab Specialist in a medical setting. As part of Lou’s experience in high intensity training, he has also competed as a natural bodybuilder. Lou has successfully delivered over 100,000 SuperSlow® personal strength training sessions. He is a teacher for the SuperSlow Zone Institute and is consistently ranked 4.7 to 5 points [out of 5 total points] by the SSZI students, Certified SuperSlow Instructors, when they take the Continuing Education Course he teaches. He also SuperSlow strength trains 37 key executives from 15 national and multi-national corporations. Lou personally delivers on average 140 SuperSlow® client sessions per week.