Grayson Hunt

Grayson Hunt's professional career began after he personally accomplished an extremely challenging weight loss goal and became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Grayson used his success and passion to help motivate others to lose weight and get fit, and soon found himself coaching movement and physical therapy as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. With this new level of knowledge of physiology, he entered the sports performance world. While competing in Strongman and USA Olympic Weightlifting, he landed his well-known title as USA Olympic Coach. At the same time, Grayson became a Sports Performance Specialist, equipping himself with expert training advice for many other sports. Grayson currently puts his health and fitness wisdom into practice at SuperSlow Zone in Milton/Crabapple, GA and passionately pursues teaching healthy lifestyles and exercise programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. Stop by and meet Grayson to ask how he can design a fitness program for you.

Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor ACE, USA Olympic Weightlifting Coach