“When I came into SuperSlow in January, I was injured from slipping and falling on ice from the Winters of Michigan. There were no broken bones, however, my bottom on the right side that was not allowing me to walk to the Sarasota Bay with my husband, which is 2 miles from our condo. I knew I was in trouble, because nothing stopped me from seeing the water and taking in the fresh bay breeze except the shooting pain from each step on my right foot. So, I started at Superslow and after about 2 to 3 weeks of training with Pam, I was able to resume my walks. I continued to feel a difference in increased strength and stamina. Not only do I feel stronger and more toned, but I am able to keep up with biking, walking and kayaking with my husband and two sons. My stomach is tighter, and I feel as though I’m more aware of keeping my posture and spine straighter. As I worked with the trainer(s) at SuperSlow, I realized a whole new mindset that seems to be moving me forward quicker. The one-on-one coaching provides an environment of focus, form and muscle failure for success. Because of the individualized attention, I think my results came much quicker than other traditional gyms that I have worked out. I have also enjoyed working with the different trainers at Superslow in Sarasota. Each coach has brought a value to my workouts and insights that has given me the physical improvement, as well as a better attitude that has moved me forward to a whole other level.” - Ruth-Ellen. – Age 52, Health Coach