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Our Difference

20 Minutes – Twice a Week

Toned and
Healthy Body

  • Save time – In and Out in 20 Minutes
  • Proven Fast Results For Increased Fitness & Health
  • Top-of- the-Line Medical Grade Equipment
  • Precise Results-Tracking Technology
  • Individualized, One-on-One Workout with a Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor, At Lower Cost Than An Average Personal Trainer
  • An Accredited, Safe Strength Training Protocol Based on Medical Research

Personal Trainer in Plum Murrysville

As Murrysville residents for over 25 years, we are truly excited to introduce SuperSlow Zone, a premier health and fitness service, to the Western Pennsylvania Region. SuperSlow Zone Plum-Murrysville offers a convenient path to fitness that complements your very busy lifestyle. The heart of our service is a safe, results-focused, full body workout that is guided by a highly professional, accredited, certified personal trainer. Exercise enthusiasts can achieve and sustain better results in less time and clients who want to “get going again” or “take the first step”…to do just that take the first step. We follow through with encouragement, metrics tracking and periodic reevaluations. All of our clients want to know “is this right for me?”. It’s simple. Call or email us to learn more – that’s how convenient it is.

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The SuperSlow Zone® Results

  • Improved Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Health
  • Greater Muscle Strength
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Greater Endurance, Stamina and Energy
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Body Shape
  • Optimum Fat loss While Maintaining Muscle
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Reduced Resting Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Low Back Pain
  • Reduced Arthritic Pain

A Typical SuperSlow Zone® Experience


Your appointment in our clutter-free, casually elegant studio.

  • Professional service [not a gym]
  • Climate controlled, distraction-free and no annoyances
  • Exercise in what you have on for the day


SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training.

  • Professional coaching by an Accredited, Certified Instructor
  • Consistent attentive and encouraging feedback
  • Exercise on five-to-seven medical-grade machines


Depart sweat-free, feeling great in 20 minutes.

  • Using precise results-tracking technology…
  • Ongoing feedback on progress towards your goals

SSZ plum Murrysville Success Stories

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Russ E., 73, Retired VP of Sales & Marketing

It’s NOT Just for the “Boomers” and “Seniors”!

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Jessica L., 26, Registered Dietitian

SSZ is Great for Strength Training For My Osteoporosis

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What Is SSZ Healthy Lifestyle/Weight Loss System

For Optimal Healthy Eating &
Weight Management

  • A food-based, educational lifestyle change, which includes natural, non-caffeine supplements to kick-start faster weight (fat) loss.
  • Backed by science and research.

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