SSZ is Great for Strength Training For My Osteoporosis
“In clinical studies, strength training has been shown to reduce the rate of bone loss and even to increase bone density. Murrysville resident and owner of SuperSlow Zone® Wellness & Exercise Studio in Plum, Dianne Lieb, is a living example of the positive effects that strength training can have on bone health. Dianne was diagnosed with osteoporosis and has undergone DXA scans to measure her bone density. During the period of time between her last scan conducted on December 5, 2013, and her most recent scan on Novemeber 4, 2014, Dianne and her husband, Giles, opened their fitness studio. She began working out using the SuperSlow Zone program, which consists of just two, 20-minute sessions per week. The results of the November scan showed that her bone density increased by 4.7%. Having made no other changes to her lifestyle, Dianne’s doctor attributes this significant increase in bone mass to the SuperSlow Zone® program. People who are concerned about their own bone health can learn more about the strength training program Dianne followed by contacting SuperSlow Zone®.” Dianne L., 57, SSZ OwnerDianne L., 57, SSZ Owner