It’s NOT Just for the “Boomers” and “Seniors”!
“SuperSlow Zone® has truly changed my life for the better. I was addicted to the gym. I spent 1-2 hours a night, 6-7 days/week at the gym, running the treadmill/elliptical or attempting to challenge my muscles with weights. I was more concerned with actually getting to the gym, I didn’t think it mattered what I did while I was there as long as I was moving. When I heard of SuperSlow Zone I was very skeptical. Only 20 minutes per work out? Only 2 days per week?? How could it be possible? Well, it is. And I’m living proof.   My trainers tried hard to convince me with the explanation that it’s not the quantity of time you’re working out, but the quality of what you’re doing that counts. The SSZ protocol is a more effective, thus more efficient, method of building lean muscle by taking your body to true failure (something I realized I was never achieving with my preoccupation with number of “sets” and “reps” at the gym). Building more lean muscle, in turn, increases your body’s resting energy expenditure (REE). In other words, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you’re burning during all other hours of the day that you aren’t working out.   Spending 1-2 hours, 6-7 days a week at the gym, you would think I would have seen results. However, I was never successful with any type of weight loss or increase in muscle strength until I started at SSZ. With just two 20-30 minute SSZ work outs a week, I have had a 10 lb. weight loss and have been able to maintain the loss over time (and over holidays).   Even better than what I lost, was what I gained. I gained back time in my life. It again took some convincing from my trainers that in order to see results and for this protocol to work, my body needed rest. The only way I would build lean muscle after breaking them down and reaching failure during my work outs was if I gave them enough time to rebuild. This is where the “only 2 days a week” promise finally made sense.   As if I hadn’t gained enough from SSZ, the pain relief was another added benefit. Being young, I was devastated when I started having knee and shin pain while training for my first 10K and challenge races. The pain was excruciating. However, since starting at SSZ I have built up the strength of the muscles surrounding my knees and shins. Now, when I do run (for recreation), I can do so pain-free.   SuperSlow Zone is life-changing. No matter what stage of life you are in.” Jessica L., 26, Registered Dietitian