It Is About MORE than Just Getting Stronger and Losing Weight
“Since starting my semiweekly workouts at SuperSlow Zone, I have lost 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes, but it’s what I’ve gained that really stands out. In addition to increases in body strength and muscle tone, I have gained self-confidence and pride in myself that have truly transformed every part of my life. From my very first visit, the experience at SuperSlow Zone has been all about me–my goals, my program, my success. The Certified Instructors took the time to understand me and what I was striving for, and they check back with me regularly to make sure I’m still getting what I want and need out of the program. SuperSlow Zone is unlike any other workout I have tried before… The SuperSlow Zone workout method makes workouts challenging, but my Instructors customize my program to ensure that I am able to succeed. While I’m working out, I don’t have to count reps, time myself or worry about when I should increase the weight for an exercise. An Instructor is there to do it all for me and is by my side to motivate me, inspire me and hold me accountable. As a mother and a small business owner, I appreciate how easily SuperSlow Zone fits into my life. Being able to work out just twice per week for less than 30 minutes and see results is incredible, and it keeps me motivated to keep giving my all, session after session. SuperSlow Zone is not a gym. It’s talented, knowledgeable Certified Instructors that care about me and promote a supportive, positive environment. It’s top-of-the-line equipment that enables me to complete a full body workout. It’s a protocol that works. I would recommend SuperSlow Zone to anyone who wants to make changes in their health and wellness. You bring your commitment to your goals, and they’ll provide the knowledge, passion, equipment and program to help you achieve them.” Hayley H., 34, Mother and Small Business Owner