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Our Difference

Toned and Healthy Body

  1. Get Results – Wellness Programs that work (Strength and Balance, Bone Density Improvement, Healthy Eating)
  2. Take Your Time Back – Only 20 minutes, no sweat – no showers, no change of clothes needed.
  3. Ability to deal with injury limitations and medical issues – certified accredited instructors, trained on medical issues, medical grade equipment and technology
  4. Expert Guidance – Our certified instructors guide and motivate on every step
  5. Ideal environment – elegant, semi-private, climate-controlled environment
  6. Long Term Sustainable Program – appointments with expert certified instructors who know how to remove the barriers to healthy habit formation.
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In tune with the undeniable character and flourishing economic growth of the Sugar Land area, a convenient path to wellness that complements your very busy life is the essence of what SSZ Sugar Land offers. Our wellness programs are a solution to the barriers that keep clients from experiencing the quality of healthy active life they desire. We call this ActiveLiveabilityTM. Our combination of expertise, technology and environment is unique. Our programs get results for all ages and become the supporting background for a healthy active life.


The SuperSlow Zone® Results

  • Improved Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Health
  • Greater Muscle Strength
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Greater Endurance, Stamina and Energy
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Body Shape
  • Optimum Fat loss While Maintaining Muscle
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Reduced Resting Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Low Back Pain
  • Reduced Arthritic Pain

A Typical SuperSlow Zone® Experience

1 Arrival

Your appointment in our clutter-free, casually elegant studio.

  • Arrive just prior to your appointment in the clothes you have on for the day
  • Your Instructor meets you in the waiting area for check in
  • Proceed to an elegant semi-private session setting

2 Session

SuperSlow Zone® Wellness Session.

  • Professional coaching by an Accredited, Certified Instructor
  • Sessions are Climate Controlled and Distraction-free
  • Results driven program based on individual needs and progress
  • Attentive and motivating feedback
  • Use of cutting edge medical grade technology

3 Departure

Depart sweat-free, feeling great in 20 minutes.

  • Ongoing feedback on progress towards your goals
  • Coaching thoughts and guidance for between sessions

SSZ Success Stories

Enhanced Performance From 15 Years of SuperSlow Zone®

I have been practicing SuperSlow Zone® for over 15 years . There have been a few times that my workout schedule has been interrupted due to relocation.I definitely feel and see the.... Read more

George S. – Age 51, Designer

Pain-Free, Strong Back, No Chronic Discomfort – Strong, Healthy & Vital!

Shockingly enough, I've been coming to SuperSlow Zone® for a little over five years. Five years! I, who dislike exercise and who have avoided it like the plague, have been consistently showing up.... Read more

Roia R. – Age 46, Music Therapist

Hate To Exercise – Muscle & Strength Worth Every Minute For 5+ Year

I have always wanted to try a personal trainer but was either too lazy or too embarrassed to figure out how to get one at the local "Y" or the local gym.... Read more

Sandra G. – Age 55+ , Career Transition Consultant

Gotta Love It! Lots of Energy & Strong Back – No Problem!

I've been at SuperSlow Zone® for 2 years now . Since I started, I've noticed that I have improved posture, more energy and endurance in my day-to-day activities .. Read more

Janine K. – Age 44, Teacher

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