I was looking for a place where was looking to make a difference in people’s lives and at the same time enjoy my job. After reading about SuperSlow zone I realized that this place was the one. I could assist others help and improve themselves. I look forward to coming to work and seeing all the clients try their best in their workouts. I love seeing them reach their goals and leave at the end very proud of themselves. I know that SuperSlow Zone is a great place for anyone from any background, beginner to an experienced athlete, to come and have a great challenging workout. Aside from doing great work outs here at Superslow Zone, I also enjoy yoga and hiking with my dogs. Sugarland has quite a few great outdoor places to enjoy. I have always had an interest in physical fitness starting in college where I began noticing that it’s important to stay healthy and one should take care of our health. Our healthy bodies really have no price tag. I enjoy knowing that coming into work I am helping someone improve their health/fitness in 20 minutes, we all have busy lives but it’s great to know that you are coming here for the bettering of one's self.

Certified Level I Instructor