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Owner & Certified Level I SuperSlow Zone Instructor
Randy Nelson


Randy has worked for 36 years for various aerospace engineering companies as a physicist. He has always worked to maintain his physical fitness through a combination of running, weight training and calisthenics.

“In 2013 I had both knee and low back surgery and I realized that I needed to find a better way to stay healthy because my exercise regime was destroying my joints. I discovered the SuperSlow protocol in the book Body By Science by Dr. Doug McGuff and was dying to try it but there was no local facility that offered it. Then I discovered SuperSlow Zone which provided the perfect workout. The only problem was that the closest one was over 500 miles away. So I partnered with Mike Trent and brought a franchise to Huntsville! I absolutely love the workout and I save about five hours a week of exercise time because I can perform two SuperSlow Zone workouts a week in less than one hour. I can now do things with my knee that I thought I would never do again. I am stronger than I’ve been in years, maybe ever!”


Mike worked for 30 years for the U.S. Army at Redstone Arsenal in various technical and leadership positions. He has been an athlete all of his life and has stayed fit through various sports, running, and exercise.

“When Randy introduced me to the SuperSlow Zone method, I immediately knew this was the way I could work out without spending hours in the gym each week. I just didn’t have the time! And it was safe too, which was important to me since I have had shoulder and knee surgery. I can once again enjoy many of the sports and activities that I couldn’t do before. This is the key for me to stay fit and strong! “

Owner & Certified Level I SuperSlow Zone Instructor
Mike Trent

About SuperSlow Zone HUNTSVILLE

In tune with the undeniable character and flourishing economic growth of the Huntsville, a convenient path to fitness that complements your very busy life is the essence of what SSZ HuntsVille offers. The heart of our service is a safe, results-focused, full body workout that is guided by a highly professional, accredited, certified personal trainer. Exercise enthusiasts can achieve and sustain better results in less time and clients who want to “get going again” or “take the first step”…do just that in our quietly elegant environment. We follow through with encouragement, metrics tracking and periodic reevaluations. Each client has asked “is this right for me?”. To find out is simple. Call or email us to learn more –

It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 29 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Accredited, Certified Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser.