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Brandi Cappetta

Studio Manager/Co-Owner
Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor
Sport Nutritionist
Clinical Esthetician Lic# FB9726570

After 6 years as a SuperSlow Zone client Brandi became a SuperSlow Zone Certified Trainer. Brandi is a well-known Clinical Aesthetician, in Tampa, with over ten years in health and beauty industry. She began her esthetic career with Christian Dior. Since receiving her skincare Aesthetics license has trained other skincare professionals in skincare treatments, ingredients, and written a skincare manual. In addition to her advanced skincare background she has studied science, massage, and sports nutrition. She can help provide a treatment plan, meal plan, or help answer questions in regards to fitness and overall health from several aspects of personal health. She can help you understand why organic and natural products are the ONLY way to go. She is well rounded in this industry and her goal is to educate you about a safe routine no matter which direction you’re looking to go. She wants nothing more then to see others accomplish their own goals. She is passionate about Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty and the overall Wellness industry. She is also very involved with other small businesses that share her passion for a healthier Community and her love of Tampa.

Wade Cappetta

Wade Cappetta / Co-Owner Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

Wade Cappetta is a SuperSlow Zone Certified instructor in his favorite city in the world, Tampa Florida. He has a diverse background that has allowed him to earn experience in several fitness modalities. Much of his experience is rooted in his time in service as a United States Marine Corps infantry man. Before he was afforded the opportunity to implement Superslow Zone protocol for himself, he experimented with an array of other protocols, always searching for the best results in the quickest time. As with most Marines, his passion for fitness has been developed as a necessity of military life. Don’t worry though,not all Marines are drill instructors. Some are just family men. Throughout his past, Wade has had much success in working with others and as a team. This is for the same reason that he loves being a SuperSlow Zone Certified Instructor, he finds his motivation within others.

About SuperSlow Zone HydePark

In tune with the fast paced, very busy lifestyle of the Tampa Bay area, a convenient path to fitness results that complements your very busy life is the essence of what SSZ Hyde Park offers. The heart of our service is a safe, results focused and highly professional team that attends to you continuously with their care and expertise. Exercise enthusiasts can achieve and sustain better results in less time and clients who want to “get going again” or “take the first step”…do just that in our quietly elegant environment. It is ideal and beneficial to those clients seeking rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser. Each client has asked “is this right for me?”. To find out is simple. Call or email us to learn more – that’s how convenient it is.

It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 33 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Accredited, Certified Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser.