TONED AND HEALTHY BODY | 20 Minutes – Twice a Week

Save time – In and
Out in 20 Minutes

Proven Fast Results
For Increased Fitness
& Health

Medical Grade

Results- Tracking

Individualized, One-on-One Workout with a Certified SuperSlowZone® Instructor, at a Cost that Is Less Than an Average Personal Trainer

An Accredited, Safe Strength Training Protocol Based on Medical Research


  • Improved Cardiovascular Fitness and Overall Health
  • Greater Muscle Strength
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Optimum Fat loss While Maintaining Muscle
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Body Shape
  • Greater Endurance, Stamina and Energy

(in addition to the results listed above)

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Stronger Bones
  • Reduce Low Back Pain
  • Reduce Arthritic Pain
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Reduce Resting Blood Pressure
  • Improved Immune System


It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 29 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Accredited, Certified Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser.

Exercise 2 X week to achieve your goals. Your knowledgeable, professional Instructor is, first and foremost, focused on your needs and results and the value this imparts to your life. Always on time, and always attentive, your Instructor helps you sustain maximum results and rewards in minimum time. Recapture valuable time to your life, peace of mind by taking care of yourself and greater enjoyment through increased strength, health and vitality.


In tune with the undeniable character and flourishing economic growth of the Sugar Land area, a convenient path to wellness that complements your very busy life is the essence of what SSZ Pacific Springs offers. Our wellness programs are a solution to the barriers that keep clients from experiencing the quality of healthy active life they desire. We call this ActiveLiveabilityTM. Our combination of expertise, technology and environment is unique. Our programs get results for all ages and become the supporting background for a healthy active life.

Personal Trainer in Omaha

A Typical SuperSlow Zone® Workout


Clutter-free, casually elegant environment.
Our location is a clutter-free, casually elegant professional service” [not a ‘gym‘] providing the definitive ideal exercise environment.

  • Arrive to a clean comfortable environment
  • Exercise in what you have on for the day or change
  • Climate controlled and distraction-free
  • One client + one Accredited, Certified
    SuperSlow Zone® Instructor


SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training.
The safest, most productive 20 minutes of effective exercise- A positive atmosphere – it‘s inspiring!

  • Professional coaching by a Certified Instructor
  • Consistently attentive and encouraging feedback
  • Distraction-free, no annoyance, ideal environment
  • Exercise on five to seven state-of-the art machines
  • Maximum Results In Minimum Time


Depart sweat-free and feeling great!
Done in about 20 minutes, you feel a sense of accomplishment, energy, and power. Knowing you take good care of yourself creates a peace of mind which ripples through all areas of your life- A few benefits are:

  • Increased strength &. endurance
  • Reduced stress & muscle tension
  • Improved sleep
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increased focus and stable energy


  • Walter B
    Age 70, Fitness Program
    Strong, Healthy and a Fitness Plan He will keep for the Rest of His Life!
    I am 70-years old, a leukemia patient and U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. I joined Slow Zone Fitness 18 months ago. In the last 40 years, I had never sustained a fit...

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  • Mina
    Age 60, Fitness Program
    SuperSlow Zone has been a Life Changing Experience!
    My experience with SSZ is life changing. I was submitting to getting older and accepting to aches and pains. I use to work out with the traditional weights for strengt...

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  • Traci F
    Age 65, Fitness Program
    Had Limited Time so needed an Effective Workout and SuperSlow Zone Keeps Me Coming Back!
    I was searching for a work-out program that would fit into my busy lifestyle. I am a wife, a mother to 3 young children and employed full-time in a career I love....

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  • Bill D
    Age 55+, Fitness Program
    I am Stronger than I have ever been before and Can’t Imagine being without SuperSlow Zone!
    After reading Body by Science, I was curious about this unique approach to exercise. I committed to trying SuperSlow Zone for 3 months as an experiment. In just 8 total ...

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  • Shelia D
    Age 51, Fitness Program
    My Muscle Tone and Body Shape is better than is was nearly 30 years ago due to SuperSlow Zone!
    SuperSlow Zone has changed my body and mind. As a woman in my late 40’s, I have spent a great deal of time trying to be fit. Since I’ve been at SuperSlow Zone, my bo...

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  • George S.
    Age 51, Designer
    Enhanced Performance From 15 Years of SuperSlow Zone®
    I have been practicing SuperSlow Zone® for over 15 years . There have been a few times that my workout schedule has been interrupted due to relocation. I definitely fee...

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  • Roia R.
    Age 46, Music Therapist
    Pain-Free, Strong Back, No Chronic Discomfort – Strong, Healthy & Vital!
    Shockingly enough, I’ve been coming to SuperSlow Zone® for a little over five years. Five years! I, who dislike exercise and who have avoided it like the plague, have...

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  • Sandra G.
    Age 55+, Career Transition Consultant
    Hate To Exercise – Muscle & Strength Worth Every Minute For 5+ Year
    I have always wanted to try a personal trainer but was either too lazy or too embarrassed to figure out how to get one at the local “Y” or the local gym. While drivi...

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  • Janine K.
    Age 44, Teacher
    Gotta Love It! Lots of Energy & Strong Back – No Problem!
    I’ve been at SuperSlow Zone® for 2 years now . Since I started, I’ve noticed that I have improved posture, more energy and endurance in my day-to-day activities . ...

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  • Ron Z.
    Age 60+, Professional Businessman
    Passionate, Ageless Golfer Is Better At 60+ Through Strength & Stability
    When my father, at about age 85, and I traveled to New York city to see a Broadway show, I noticed that he was unable to walk more than one block at a time and needed as...

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