20 Minutes, 2 Times A Week – To Fit Your Busy Life.

Your accredited, certified SuperSlow Zone personal trainer first establishes the results you want to achieve and your personalized, total-body workout to get you there.

By design, you enjoy continuous expert-supervision as you exercise on 5 to 7 pieces of state-of-the-art medical-grade [Nautilus Corporation] strength training equipment in an ‘ideal, clinically-controlled exercise environment’.

Cool-climate controlled and no mirrors, noise, or distractions. None.

Your by-appointment-only work out is the complete synergy of your personal trainer’s superior supervision and competence, our safe, science-based exercise protocol, our clinically-controlled, beautiful exercise environment with medical-grade equipment and our proprietary application used to chart and track your workout…all precisely focused on you.

Our clients are smart people who “stay healthy and fit.” You invest in your health…because health is your wealth.

But you require results… results that are accurate, timely and relevant to achieving your goals.


Your personal trainer uses SuperSlow Zone’s proprietary iPad program to precisely chart and track your exercise performance…the basis of your evidence-based results. To ensure a quality experience and that you are achieving your results, you will hold consistent Check-In Evaluations with your personal trainer.

Smart people..and you are one of them …will NOT accept ‘mirage results.’ SuperSlow Zone is the real deal. Finally, an affordable, prestigious exercise experience that guarantees results.

This is why SuperSlow Zone may the best choice for you…check us out at a location near yer.