Frequently Asked Questions

SuperSlow Zone® Is:

  • A total body workout.
  • An approximate 20 minute personal strength training workout.
  • A workout performed one-to-two times a week.

SuperSlow Zone® addresses three key elements for a complete, results-driven workout:

  • Working maximum fibers in high-intensity, low-force exercise encourages maximum muscular strength.
  • The program demands the application of resistance through a full range of possible movement, with adequate stretching to enhance and maintain flexibility.
  • SuperSlow Zone® requires greater demands on the body’s transport system, thus promoting increased cardiovascular efficiency.

What makes SuperSlow Zone® different from other facilities?

At SuperSlow Zone®, we provide each client with the “Ultimate Training Experience” each and every time they workout. To help achieve this goal:

  • We have only Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructors.
  • SuperSlow Zone® certification is a nationally recognized status that involves the highest level of testing in strength training accredited by IACET.
  • Clients train in an ideal, clinically controlled training room environment which enables focus on achieving maximum results:
    • Temperature kept at 68°; well ventilated – fans move cool air around you, to dissipate heat.
    • Beautiful, clinical training environment – semi-private.
    • Noise and distraction-free

How can only two SuperSlow Zone® workouts per week provide the results I desire?

  • They are intentionally focused and efficient.
  • They are designed to bring various muscle groups to total fatigue − resulting in stimulation of:– Improved muscular strength − the key to helping you achieve and maintain your desired results.– Body-shaping muscle enhances your shape by adding firmness and increasing your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you to lose body fat.
  • Allow your body at least 2 to 3 days rest and proper nutrition to fully recover.

This combination provides the best results, leaving time for you to do things you love. The SuperSlow Zone® workout is so effective, our slogan is – “Minutes a Week, In Shape for Life.”

I have low back pain. Can SuperSlow Zone® help me?

Yes. Low back pain, often caused by weak muscles in the lumbar area, can be significantly reduced and often eliminated within a few months of beginning SuperSlow Zone® workouts.

These results have been validated and supported by independent clinical studies.

How does SuperSlow Zone® address the “Core” muscles of my back?

SuperSlow Zone® exercise specifically stimulates the muscles that support the lumbar spine and create the muscular strength and appearance improvements you are looking for to achieve your goals.

SuperSlow Zone® exclusively uses the finest strength training equipment. These machines are most effective tools on the market for strengthening those “Core” muscles.

What about Cardio? Don’t I also need to take care of my heart and lungs?

Cardiovascular conditioning can be achieved with your SuperSlow Zone® workouts!

Strength training performed with adequate resistance and intensity – little to no rest between machines – the demand on the cardiovascular system provides significant stimulation for improved cardiovascular efficiency.

The cardiovascular system supports muscular work by supplying oxygen and nutrients to and removing metabolic wastes from working muscles during physically demanding activities.

Cardiovascular improvement allows more physical activity with less fatigue. Strength training at SuperSlow Zone® is safer and more efficient, providing better cardiovascular conditioning than traditional aerobic activities.

How can SuperSlow Zone® help me with specific sports performance?

At SuperSlow Zone® we focus on the factor that relates to all sports — physical fitness.

Results you may expect are:

  • improved muscular strength and endurance
  • cardiovascular efficiency
  • range of joint motion
  • body composition and decreased fat
  • joint stability

Will strength training at SuperSlow Zone® help increase bone density?

SuperSlow Zone® was founded during Osteoporosis research. Numerous research studies have proven that progressive resistance exercises reverse bone loss, decrease bone turnover, increase femur bone mineral density, and maintain body composition. SuperSlow Zone® offers the most effective resistance training programs with top of the line equipment used in producing these results.

If I am out of shape, can SuperSlow Zone® help me?

Absolutely! Our Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructors know exactly how to get the results you want in the fastest possible time by creating the workout your body will respond to best. SuperSlow Zone® environments are private and distraction-free. One-on-one exercise the SuperSlow Zone® way means the focus is always on you. Your goals are your instructor’s goals.