Warding Off the Negative Consequences of Aging

Dick Hall uses machine

Warding Off the Negative Consequences of Aging

Dick Hall, 74, a retired lawyer has been working out at SuperSlow Zone twice a week (when he’s not on vacation or at camp!) and he’ll hit his 4 year anniversary in January!  Dick didn’t have any significant physical issues to work through. His mission was finding an exercise program he could stay with to ward off the negative consequences of the aging process. 

“I’ve tried exercising at home on my own and have the typical equipment like most people do.  I just never had the discipline to use it consistently. I also had a gym membership but didn’t get much assistance with the equipment.  I would go when I wanted and sometimes there were a lot of people there and I really don’t like crowds. There’s no appointment to adhere to or the one-on-one attention like I get at SuperSlow Zone.  It was too easy to stop going to the gym. 

I know it’s important to exercise, especially as we get older.  The loss of bone mass and atrophy of muscles just happens if we don’t do something to prevent it.  I believe I’m reversing that process that had started, or at least slowing it down. I get a meaningful workout in 20 minutes!  I can feel the results but I also see the progress on paper as well. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I feel better when I can go twice a week consistently.  I continue exercising at SuperSlow Zone because I like the one-on-attention, no crowds, results-based feedback, and having that appointment makes a difference!”

Dick Hall - Age 74, Retired Lawyer