Passionate, Ageless Golfer Is Better At 60+ Through Strength & Stability

Passionate, Ageless Golfer Is Better At 60+ Through Strength & Stability

When my father, at about age 85, and I traveled to New York city to see a Broadway show, I noticed that he was unable to walk more than one block at a time and needed assistance in stepping on and off the street curbs. It was difficult for him and me to enjoy the trip, show and to move around the city.

As a result of seeing how aging was effecting my father , I decided I needed to begin strength training NOW to become stronger and to maintain more strength as I aged to continue to enjoying my favorite activities longer.


My favorite sport is golf. I am a golfer . So, I want to hit golf shots that are longer and straighter with accuracy and consistency – now and later as I grow older. Hitting the ball farther and with accuracy requires proper techniques with both physical strength and physical stability.

When I first visited SuperSlow Zone®, I asked Kevin, the owner, if he could help me hit the golf ball longer and straighter. He laughed and said, “I can certainly help you hit it farther, but it’s up to you to hit it straighter.”

I have been training with the SuperSlow Zone® protocol for about five years now. During that time, my strength, posture, stamina and stability have all improved substantially .

I am stronger now, and maybe as strong as I have ever been . My posture is better during all physical activities. I am more stable during all physical activities. And I have more stamina. Better posture, more stability and more stamina helps me to improve and maintain the proper stance when hitting the golf ball throughout a round of golf.

I can now hit the golf ball further than ever and straighter more often . Even Tiger Woods has trouble hitting the ball far and accurately all of the time.

But more importantly, I can do all physical things better and longer . I’ve noticed that throughout the day or when I travel, I have more energy and stamina to move quicker and get more things done. In general, because I am stronger, I feel better and I do better.

I encourage all of my friends and relatives to begin a program for strength training as soon as possible. And I think the SuperSlow Zone® program is best. It is safer, provides for immediate and measurable strength growth, and takes a minimal amount of time.

Ron Z. - Age 60, Professional Businessman