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SuperSlow Zone® Woodstone located in San Antonio, TX is a distinctive health and exercise studio.

Welcome to SuperSlow Zone® Woodstone, San Antonio, TX –A unique professional service which is your premier personal wellness and exercise studio, owned Kurt Jacquin. Client’s ages range from 12 to 98 who desire sustainable results as safely as possible by working with Accredited, Certified SuperSlow Zone Instructors.

Kurt has been an Environmental Engineer for 20 years. He has always practiced a healthy life style and he now hopes to encourage others to become all that they can be through utilizing the best personal training protocol available whether they are teenagers, busy moms or professionals or in their retirement years.

“I have always lived a healthy, active life. By reinventing myself from environmental engineering to wellness and health, I am making my ‘avocation’ my ‘vocation.’ From my professional background, I bring years of ‘building with solid principles to take care of our precious environment’ to my new business focus. This means that I understand our clients, just like good environmental stewardship, must ‘build and sustain positive results over time and each of us help to take care of one another’. Taking good care of our environment is much like taking good care of our body, mind and spirit.

I am proud to be the new owner of SSZ Woodstone which has a professional, skilled staff. Buddy Kidder is an Certified Level III – Qualified Certifyer. This means he certifies Level I Instructors throughout the USA. He is also a teacher held in high regard for the SuperSlow Zone Institute, the organization that delivers Continuing Education Unit [CEU] courses for all Level I Instructors to remain a valid, credentialed Instructor. Caitlin is a seasoned Level I Instructor who is also pursuing her PhD.

Our staff, like our sister SuperSlow Zones throughout the USA, Turkey and Colombia, have a demonstrated excellence in exceptional customer service and care. I know this through our client loyalty. And…while we do a very good job, we work to consistently improve every aspect of our service so that we become ever more valuable to our clients.”