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(Co-Owners and Certified Level I Instructors)
Larry and Sonja Stough

Not everyone is or has been active in sports.Sonja Stough, co-owner of SuperSlow Zone with her husband, Larry, is passionate about SSZ as the way for a busy, active person to stay strong and healthy.Sonja comes to SuperSlow Zone with over 50 years of business experience including high school teaching, sales, and working with older adults as a Certified Financial Planner, stockbroker, and trust officer. Sonja has always believed that exercise is important, so she tried every group class, gym,home apparatus, walking, and every exercise protocol she could find.

“I hated to exercise and was disgusted because I never looked better or felt better. I’m not going to do something I hate and spend my time and money on something unless I see results.”

“So I continued to pack on pounds and I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and osteopenia.I tried a diet; and because I wasn’t doing anything to build muscle, I lost 25 lbs. of muscle mass. Then I discovered slow-cadence 20-minute full-body exercise! Finally, something I would do and not dread. I could do anything for 20 minutes, I told myself. And right away, I started feeling better and noticed I was getting stronger. Then about 4 months later, I noticed my body shape starting to change. I lost the 25 pounds I had gained back and have kept that weight off for over 15 years now. I am stronger and healthier in my 80s than I was in my 60s.”

Sonja often repeats what the doctors who developed SuperSlow Zones protocol say: “if you can exercise safer, spend less time, and get results faster, why doesn’t everyone exercise this way?

Sonja is still very active She is a competitive ballroom dancer and is an active SSZ business owner. You can see her taking care of office files and paperwork as well as doing consultations and exercise sessions with clients.

She, and her team, are fiercely committed and loyal to their clients. As a life-long learner, continuing her education with IACET.org accredited SuperSlow Zone Institute enables her to continually become valuable to their clients.

(Co-Owner and Level I Certified Instructor)
(Co-Owner and Level I Certified Instructor)

Larry Stough is co-owner of SuperSlow Zone West County St. Louis with his wife, Sonja. He grew up in South St. Louis City and continued his education at McKendree University.

After college he completed Naval Officer Training in Newport, Rhode Island and served as Lieutenant on the USS Theodore E. Chandler destroyer DD717 home port Seattle, Washington as a Surface Warfare Officer.

In 2007 Larry accompanied his wife, Sonja, as she explored slow cadence strength training, and decided to give it a try himself. Sixteen years of this type of strength training has had such an impact on Larry’s health, strength, and aging process that he and Sonja decided in 2019 to open their own strength training studio in Ballwin, Missouri.

Larry’s hobbies are photography and motorcycling. He loves to handle his 950 lb. Honda Goldwing and has taken trips all over the country and in Mexico,Alaska, and Canada. “I need a lot of core strength to do what I love to do,” says Larry; and working out on our medical-grade Nautilus machines with our exercise protocol allows me to stay strong.”

“I love telling people about this unique exercise and the science behind it. This business is so rewarding, as we see people get stronger,recover from depression, eleviate pain, get rid of canes and walkers and generally become more healthy and in better shape. It has not only allowed Sonja and me to continue to work out two times a week but has also helped a lot of other people at the same time. It has changed my life.”

All of Larry’s personal and professional successes demanded continual learning. He continues this at our IACET.org accredited SuperSlow Zone Institute. Ever gaining knowledge and developing his expertise enable him to continually become valuable to their clients.

Adam is a full-time Certified Level I Instructor/Manager at SuperSlow Zone. He grew up in Ballwin, West County St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Desmet Jesuit High School and continued his education at the University of Kansas, majoring in Public Health and Program Planning.

His course of study included dynamic health topics such as exercise physiology, dietetics, and exercise program implementation. This broadened health knowledge has helped him to understand the body better and how to explain the science behind it.

His entire life he was active in weight-lifting and competitive sports. His interest in a health-related career is a result of several injuries in his childhood, including a torn ACL and a broken femur. Because of the help he received from physical therapists and doctors, he gained a huge respect for roles within the healthcare professions.

He continues his professional education at IACET.org accredited SuperSlow Zone Institute so he can continually become more valuable to our clients.

Working at SuperSlow Zone has given Adam an opportunity to change himself as well as to see the changes in his clients’ health and wellbeing. He says “working at SuperSlow Zone is so rewarding and has led me to excel in all areas of my life. Working out here myself has improved my body physically, but it’s not all physical. I am now leading a much healthier lifestyle, which will serve me well as I get older.”

(Certified Level I Instructor/Manager)
(Certified Level I Instructor)
Tacy Dossett

Tacy has been an Certified Level I Instructor at SuperSlow Zone located in Ballwin, Missouri, since the grand opening in 2019, and has been commited to fitness for over 30 years.

Tacy’s passion lies in maintaining an active lifestyle as an avid tennis player, fitness enthusiast.

“Playing tennis opened my eyes to the importance of strength training. Working at SuperSlow Zone has allowed me to build lean muscle to improve my tennis game and prevent injury on the court.”

Equally important to Tacy is enabling others to achieve their fitness and health goals.

“Having both tennis and our strength training as such an integral part of my life has provided me with the tools needed to help others reach their goals, whether it is on the court, lifting their grandkids, gaining confidence, managing/easing anxiety/depression or feeling stronger and happier in their daily activities.”

Deeply committed to life-long learning, she takes to heart all that she learns though our IACET.org accredited SuperSlow Zone Institute. She knows that her professional development is integral to continually becoming valuable to our clients.

Krista is a Certified Level I Instructor at SuperSlow Zone. She grew up in St. Louis and is married with 3 children; 2 boys at Indiana University and a daughter at Marquette
HS.  She graduated from Eureka HS where she participated in cheer, dance, gymnastics and basketball.She also began teaching aerobics at Mademoiselle Fitness Center.  She attended the University of Missouri where she danced as a MIZZOU Golden girl, worked at a local gym and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.  She later earned her Masters in Education while teaching 3rd grade at Kehrs Mill Elementary in Chesterfield.  Krista also danced as a St. Louis Rams Cheerleader for 2 years.  A torn ACL ended her cheerleading career with the Rams.

She has always enjoyed staying active and working out but overuse injuries and 3 knee surgeries made working out more difficult.  She’s thankful a friend told her about
SuperSlow Zone.  She not only discovered how to keep strong, fit and healthy, without reinjury, but now enjoys helping others stay strong and healthy through SSZ exercise as well.

With Krista’s advanced degrees in education and professional career as a teacher, professional success in sports, cheer and gymnastics, combined with injury challenges, makes her a wealth of knowledge, expertise and compassion when working with our clients.

A devoted to life-long learner, she continues her education at our IACET.org accredited SuperSlow Zone Institute, enabling her to continuously become valuable to our clients.

(Certified Level I Instructor)
Krista Krekler

WELLNESS STUDIO IN West County, St. Louis

In tune with the undeniable character and flourishing economic growth of the West County area, a convenient path to wellness that complements your very busy life is the essence of what SSZ St. Louis offers. Our wellness programs are a solution to the barriers that keep clients from experiencing the quality of healthy active life they desire. We call this ActiveLiveabilityTM. Our combination of expertise, technology and environment is unique. Our programs get results for all ages and become the supporting background for a healthy active life.