Weight Loss


What Is SSZ Healthy Lifestyle

Weight Loss System™

For Optimal Healthy Eating & Weight Management (“Lifestyle”)?

  • A food-based, educational lifestyle change, which includes natural, non-caffeine supplements to kick-start faster weight (fat) loss.
  • Backed by science and research.
  • We combine “SSZ Lifestyle” with”SuperSlow Zone personal strength training” for the optimal, sustainable results.
  • Establish your healthy eating lifestyle habits
  • Exercise that fits your busy schedule [1 to 2 times per week for 20 min…]
  • With our help, one step at a time…towards your success

Weight Loss System™

  • I have pesky 5 to 10 pounds I want to get rid of…permanently.
  • I have several pounds (moderate-to-a lot) I want gone.
  • I have a medical or health concern that ‘getting the weight off’ will substantially help.
  • I have ‘no diet experience’…I have ‘too much diet experience’ …either way…this is for you.

Your SSZ Lifestyle Coach

  • Your Coach focuses on your individual needs, interestsand goals.
  • They deliver expertise and support for effective group learning and change.
  • Our Coaches have been trained in our system, proven they can help clients achieve their goals and equally important, have taken our Lifestyle system and live what they teach.

Track Your Measureable Results

  • We use up to 7 types of measurements so that you know your results.
  • Tracking measureable results is a essential component to this powerful program!