Roia R. - Age 46
(Music Therapist)

Thanks to SSZ My Chronic Pain Is Gone…

“Shockingly enough, I’ve been coming to SuperSlow Zone® for a little over five years. Five years! I, who dislike exercise and who have avoided it like the plague, have been consistently showing up every week (usually twice a week) for quite a while now. Why? Well, the main reason for me is that I have an appointment . To me, an appointment means I have to show up . Otherwise I’m dishonoring the person to whom I made a commitment. Furthermore, I have my own personal cheerleader who is encouraging me every time. The best part though? My back , which has ached for years (really…years) is finally strong , and it only hurts if I twist it in some odd way. There is no longer the chronic discomfort I presumed I’d have to live with for the rest of my life . And I can actually feel muscles in my arms and legs and torso! I’m a 46 year-old woman, and this is exciting news to me. I can’t say that I’ve magically stopped overeating, but I am definitely able to say that working out on a regular basis has kept me from completely losing my shape. I’ve certainly had enough people ask me whether I’ve lost weight (when, in fact, I have not), so this must be working in my favor! Another aspect of SuperSlow Zone® that I particularly like is the fact that I don’t come out after a workout drenched in sweat . That fact alone makes the whole thing a worthwhile investment! I can usually go in wearing my work clothes (this works for me, because I happen to work in a job that allows me to dress casually). And, I must admit, in spite of my love of music, I rather like not having to listen to loud and annoying (or in fact any) music during my workout. The Instructors are professional, respectful and encouraging as well as being personable and patient (especially with the likes of me). I feel very fortunate to have listened to my friend nag me into coming to SuperSlow Zone®, and I am quite comfortable recommending it to others who want to commit themselves to an effective workout.”

Roia R. - Age 46, Music Therapist