10 Tips for Healthy Aging

10 Tips for Healthy Aging

10 Tips for Healthy Aging 840 554 St. Louis, MO

Aging is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t have to define how we live. Yet, at SuperSlow Zone, we strive to age well and improve the quality of life through personalized strength and wellness sessions. Everyone deserves to age gracefully—to have more energy, strength, and vitality, but it’s up to us to take ownership of our health. In many ways, health is everything. It allows us to lead a fulfilling life, and by learning how to age well, we can take back each day and overcome challenges in our later years. To increase your chances of living a long and happy life, here are 10 tips for healthy aging.


Lead an Active Lifestyle

Staying active is at the top of this list for a reason. Regular exercise has nearly endless health benefits, including increased energy levels and metabolism, improved cardiovascular fitness, greater endurance, and much, much more. For those over age 50, it’s crucial to maintain and build strength for increased fitness.

SuperSlow Zone provides quick, one-on-one sessions with expert instructors to help our clients build strength through low-impact workouts—all without breaking a sweat. Our Personal Strength and Balance program is designed to gradually improve muscle tone without overexertion. With 20 minute, bi-weekly sessions, there’s never been a better way to build strength and take on daily activities with a renewed sense of wellbeing.


Eat a Healthy Diet

Food provides the vital nutrients we need to gain energy and feel good throughout the day. It’s our body’s fuel, and it’s important to maintain healthy eating habits at all ages. Eating poorly can lead to obesity, which is associated with several health risks including heart disease and high blood pressure. For older adults, eating right becomes even more vital for good health.

At SuperSlow Zone, our Healthy Eating/Weight Loss program is designed to help our clients create new healthy eating habits through individual or group coaching sessions and learning modules. Our approach to low-glycemic-impact eating allows you to create healthy behaviors and lose weight naturally.


Stimulate Your Mind

Your mind is also a muscle, and it needs to be stimulated regularly to live longer. Especially for seniors, cognitive stimulation can drastically slow down cognitive decline. People over the age of 65 are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. A way to prevent this is by constantly challenging your mind and learning new things every day. Puzzles, mind games, and other similar activities are great exercises for the mind.


Make Connections

Humans are social creatures. We need to connect with others on a regular basis to maintain good mental health. Feeling lonely may lead to health risks over time. Loneliness has been linked to dementia, depression, and memory loss. No matter your age, it’s important to build a social network and actively seek out the company of others.


Sleep Well

It can be difficult to get the sleep we need when our lives are hectic, but it’s vital for the body and mind to rest at least 7 to 9 hours per night, especially for older adults. In fact, lack of sleep can contribute to depression, memory loss, and numerous other complications. Aging well is about sleeping well.


Reduce Stress

Stress may not seem like it has a major impact on your health, but over time it can lead to all sorts of complications. Daily stressors can eventually culminate into greater issues like damaged brain cells and depression. It’s no wonder more than 90% of illnesses can be further complicated by stress.


Maintain Bone Health

Bone health plays another major factor in aging well. More than 10 million Americans have osteoporosis. In fact, 1-in-3 women and 1-in-5 men over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures. Due to the fear of rare side effects, many stay away from osteoporosis medication. Thankfully, there’s a natural alternative to gaining bone density.

At SuperSlow Zone, we have developed a revolutionary method to stimulate bone generation. Our physician-endorsed Strong Bone Health program is an effective alternative to osteoporosis medications consisting of pleasant, one-on-sessions, allowing our clients to reduce the risk of fractures and stabilize bone degeneration.


Don’t Smoke

This should be a no-brainer. Since the early 50s, countless studies have linked smoking to numerous health risks, including lung cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, respiratory disease, and much more. In fact, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and prevention), smoking causes 480,000 deaths each year and is associated with 90% of lung cancer deaths. Needless to say, if you smoke, it’s always a good time to quit no matter how long you’ve had the habit.


Visit the Doctor

Hopefully, this goes without saying. Visiting your doctor regularly is necessary in order to understand the current state of your body and what to improve upon. In order to prevent health risks and complications, it’s recommended to visit your primary care physician at least once a year, but this greatly varies from person to person. Talk to your doctor and find a routine that’s best for you.


Think Positive

Staying positive can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Life is full of challenges, but by staying optimistic, you can forge a deep connection between your body and mind, allowing you to overcome or prevent health complications as you age. People with a positive mindset are less likely to have heart attacks and depression. Love yourself and have a positive outlook. At the very least, you will enjoy life on your own terms.

So, there you have it—10 tips for healthy aging. At SuperSlow Zone, we understand how important it is to age well. This is why we offer personalized workouts, giving our clients the guidance they need to make progress and live life to the fullest. Feel better, build strength, and love life—this is what we’re all about. Schedule a free consultation and a sample workout to see the SuperSlow Zone difference for yourself.